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Endelos Plugin

It takes just ONE API integration to set up our unique, universal checkout system on your site.
From there, it's simple to customize the plugin to fit your needs. Select the forms of payment you wish to accept from your customers.

With our plugin you can accept the following payments from customers:

  • E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

After integration, we've made it easy to customize the plugin to adapt to your unique payment processing needs.

Additionally, we have created plugins built for both WordPress and Magento sites, that make integration even easier.

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API Keys

Endelos uses two types of API keys to allow access to the API for plugin integration.

  • API Key
  • API secret Key

You will be given access to these API keys when you become a client with Endelos. You can view them within your client dashboard.

Endelos expects for the API key and Secret Key to be included in all API requests to the server in a header that looks like the following:
Authorization: API_key: API_Secret

# With shell, you can just pass the correct header with each request
curl "api_endpoint_here"
-H "Authorization: API_key: API_Secret"


Take advantage of the test mode capability offered, to ensure that the plugin is set up successfully before going live. In addition to using test mode to familiarize yourself with how the plugin works, you can also use it to:

  • Test failed transactions
  • Practice voiding transactions
  • Learn how to issue a refund

You can easily switch your account from test mode to live mode from your client dashboard. Go to Settings from the client dropdown menu in the dashboard, then choose which mode you want the account to be. You will only view data that matches your selected mode.
Please Note: Your API keys/secrets/tokens will not be changed when switching between test and live mode.

Test Cards
Endelos will provide test card details that you can input as test data to ensure that you have set up the plugin properly and can successfully run transactions.

Payment Declines and Errors

Transaction declines:

Transaction errors occur when a payment gets declined by the cardholder’s issuing bank. The card issuer returns the declined transaction to us and we share the response with you. The customer will see a message that the transaction was unsuccessful, the reason why if applicable and what they should do next (i.e. retry the payment).

Examples of card transaction declines:
Incorrect information entered by the customer (card number, CVV, zip code)
Insufficient funds

Limit Errors:

Limits on your account are set by Endelos based on your membership tier and types of enabled processors. If a payment is declined because a limit amount is not met, the most common solution is that you should request a limit increase or enable more processing on your account. In an event of a decline due to limits, the customer will receive a response that the transaction has been unsuccessful.

Processor Errors:

Sometimes an error happens once the payment reaches the processor. The processor will return a response to us with the reason for the failure. When this happens Endelos will provide you a reason that the error has occurred and what you can do to resolve the issue, if applicable. In the event of processor declines, we will report as much information about the decline as we receive from the processor and the solution you can take. The customer will see a response that the payment was unsuccessful, and what to do next if applicable.

Technical Errors

The most common technical errors occur during integration of the plugin. When a technical error such as “ API key not configured”, you will receive a response back with what went wrong. Most of these errors should be caught and resolved before processing live payments. In the event that you can not resolve the issue on your own, you should contact your broker for technical support.

Refunds and Voids

Endelos has made processing refunds and voids for transaction simple. Refunds and voids can both be easily handled by you, within the client dashboard. Simply go to Transactions in the dashboard menu and find the transaction you wish to issue a void or refund to. When you click on the transaction ID you will see buttons in the top right corner for both a “Void” and “Refund”, click on the desired action.


Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a transaction with their bank. In the case that this happens, we are here to help alert you of a chargeback as soon as possible. You have the option to enable the chargeback alert system on your account. If you choose to enable this option you will receive a notification email when a chargeback has occurred and payment has been refunded.

Virtual Terminal

When you become a client with Endelos you will have access to the virtual terminal feature. This allows you to manually process transactions on the customer’s behalf. Just enter the transaction information and billing details in order to process a payment.

E-Checks and Printing

Accepting E-checks is one way you can start accepting payments from customers immediately when you sign up with Endelos.
In addition to accepting E-checks as a payment type you also have the ability to print the checks on either plain paper or check paper. Further instructions will be provided in your dashboard when you activate and enable E-check after you sign up!

Integration Documentation

See our plugin integration documentation here: Integration Documentation

For Developers

See our technical documentation for integration here: Technical Documentation

Supported Languages

Shell, Ruby, Php and Python

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